No A/C at the theme park

For my child’s thirteenth anniversary, my partner in addition to I thought it would be a great plan to book a family trip down south to spend a weekend at one of the largest theme parks in the country.

We were able to get a great sale on tickets, in addition to my child has been asking to take a trip to this theme park for years now.

The trip ended up being a fun time for us as a family, but one thing that we failed to realize at the time was just how hot in addition to angry it tends to get down there. The theme park was spacious in addition to attractive, however there is no air conditioner anywhere other than the restrooms, however standing in lines with an second long queue separate from any form of air conditioner or even a fan led to some discomfort in addition to grumpy children. Despite how angry the blistering heat was, the look of delight in addition to the laughter of my children made it all worth it. There is just something about seeing your little ones ecstatic that makes you ignore the brutal un-even temperatures in addition to just appreciate your time together as a family. Almost every night we would all head back to the hotel after a nice breakfast in addition to soak of the air conditioner in the room while talking about our favorite parts of the day, then for my child’s fourteenth anniversary I hope we can find a theme park that is a little closer to home. That way we will be able to appreciate the thrill of a theme park minus the serious temperature!

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