No HVAC Really Rattles Our House

It’s kind of amusing how most of us just go right along with our lives without paying much attention to actually living those lives.

But, it’s easy to lose perspective when it’s all you can do to just get everything done.

There is so much going on all the time in this day and age. We all do the best we can with what we have but, I think I sure can take some stuff for granted. That’s why those bumps in the road can be terrific wake up calls. My household just recently had one of those wake up calls regarding the HVAC in our home. We’re in the middle of summer here. And, a few nights ago, the HVAC system died. I wasn’t calling the HVAC company and pay that huge after hours service fee. It was so hot that I was immediately aware of how much I had been taking our modern HVAC cooling for granted. I was the first one to call as soon as the HVAC shop opened. They had a tech to the house within the hour. I was so happy to be getting our cool air back. So, I was just horrified on many levels when the HVAC tech told me that the HVAC unit was just broken, it was dead. It was old so I should have not been so surprised. Once I contacted the HVAC contractor at the HVAC dealer, I knew that we could find a model that would fit our budget. Then more bad news. The man told me that it would be at least 2 weeks before the new HVAC could be installed.

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