Not a fan of a/c

I’ve never been a major fan of using air conditioning! I don’t love to use artificial air, even if it’s a bit cooler for me, those emissions are not great for the environment, however that being said, lately our little house has reached truly epic heat plus humidity.

The past few days it has been well over one hundred degrees with well over 1 hundred percent humidity, but needless to say, it has been majorly uncomfortable outside plus inside of the house.

I never thought I’d pine for a/c, but earlier this afternoon I have been searching online for how much it would cost to install a central air conditioning unit in our home. I already have a central heating system, so from what I understand, I can use the existing ductwork from that, plus the blower from our current furnace, with the a/c idea which could save me a few thousand dollars. The idea itself, from what I’ve been seeing, could cost a few thousand, plus whatever the installation would cost on top of that! Overall, it does seem like it could be doable, but just not right now. I’ve got too much happening right now to have the time for Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialists, plus I also have a lot to deal with money-wise. I do think eventually I will install a central a/c. I want a two-stage idea that is quite energy efficient so that I can get a tax credit. Then, on days love these, I won’t have to be all grouchy because I’m way overheated. Instead, I would be able to turn on our air conditioning plus the entire condo would always be cool.



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