Not a fan of this hotel chain

Both of our sons are currently star college athletes.

They star in more than one sport these days, wrestling and baseball are their favorites, but luckily, both of the sports occur at unusual times of the year so we can manage them all.

When the youngsters have wrestling meets out of town, unfortunately the two of us often stay in a hotel. The wrestling meets that they attend can last all day long and some of them are more than three hours away from home. All of the local colleges party at one site. Some of the local teams have to drive further than others, but the location changes every other month to make it fair for all of the parents. Last weekend, the two of us dedicatedly took both of the youngsters for a wrestling meet. We decided to stay the evening in a hotel, because it was a more than one-hour drive to the endpoint. We immediately knew that the wrestling meet would last all day, especially if both of our youngsters did well. We made the reservation online and if the two of us had done more research, I would not have made any reservations at this hotel. The entire staff was rude and discourteous. When our husband and I lightly complained about the heater, they scoffed loudly at our request for help. It was absolutely cold outside and the indoor heating system was barely really working at all. We had the dial turned all the way up to the heat setting at maximum fan. Still, for hours the hotel room seemed chilly and cool. We had to contact the corporate hotel chain office before the two of us could get anyone to help.

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