Office cooling is not very good

I am about ready to quit my job.

I have worked there for about more than six years, and I used to appreciate it.

I never thought that I would leave. It comes with great benefits, and I appreciate my coworkers. I usually do not get angry easily, however recently our company has switched owners, and I cannot sit the modern leadership. I have a modern manager, and she is just not an honestly nice woman. She seems to only appreciate himself and her agenda. It is hard to work for him, and I am not sure that I can do it much longer. I have approached him about it, but she does not seem to care. It is sincerely legitimately sad. I have had quite a few concerns with the air conditioner in my office lately, and the only lady that can do anything about it is the modern manager. I asked him if she could have a Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman come and look at the air conditioner in my office, and she said that it was not necessary at the time. I was legitimately distraught because my office is quite warm. It is strenuous to work all day in a stuffy office. It makes myself and others want to quit even faster. At first, the air conditioner worked, however it just did not work and it did previously. After just a couple of weeks, the air conditioner stopped working altogether. The office is just super hot and uncomfortable now. I am going to ask my modern manager 1 more time before I just quit.



Heat pump install

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