Portable space heaters: Pros and Cons

Many people rely on portable space heaters for their heating needs.

There are a variety of reasons for this.

Some homes and offices are not equipped with central heating and so portable space heaters are often used to supplement existing systems. Old heaters that do not work as well as new ones can also often fail to adequately heat a home or large office. In these instances, portable space heaters can also function as a supplement to adequately heat a space. Finally, many people who live in the southern parts of the country have no heating system at all because it simply does not get cold enough. However, on the few occasions when temperatures dip into the teens, portable space heaters provide the heat needed to weather cold spells. With all of this said, there are some pros and cons associated with using portable space heaters. The pros are as follows: they do not require a significant investment of either time or money and are easy to operate. In addition, because they are small, portable space heaters are also relatively energy-efficient and will not drive up utility costs (for energy-saving tips, research HVAC tips). Finally, portable space heaters are adequate for small spaces and for short term heating where winters are mild. There are some disadvantages to using portable space heaters, and these include: fire hazards, inadequate heating and thus exposure to cold and potential risks to air quality. All of these risks can be assessed on the basis of the age, model and use of a particular unit. It is therefore advised that users check the user guide that accompanies their portable space heater and ensure that they are following correct procedures when powering up, using and powering down their portable space heaters.

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