Replacing the roof

For quite a few years, I was able to make small patches to the roof of our home. Eventually, the roof was in such horrible shape, there was no choice but to replace the whole thing, i started finding stray shingles in the sods & gardens after every windstorm; Whenever it rained super hard, I needed to arena buckets under the drips from the ceiling. I knew water mangle was going to beginning causing major complications with the structure of the home, but because of the multiple layers of roofing materials, the entire thing had to be torn down to the studs. The project was lengthy, messy & expensive. There were roofing suppliers trampling our gardens, creating a mess in our sod, & waking our family up with their construction noise every day. The task was completed during the month of July, when the average temperature was in the high eighties, with brutal humidity. Every one of us were left without A/C for multiple weeks. The home became warm & sticky, & it was impossible to sleep at night. Every one of us also dealt with dust, debris, bugs & pollen, my family was eager to finally beginning up the central A/C again. I assumed it would take the plan a long time to bring the indoor temperature down to a comfortable level. I was surprised how abruptly the cooling device accomplished the task, however replacing the roof has significantly lessened demand on both the heating & cooling system. There are no longer drafts in certain rooms or serious temperature stratification between floor & ceiling. The home is now far more comfortable & cleaner, & our utility bills are about fifteen percent lower.

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