Should we turn on the heat?

When Fall is approaching there are several things that are evident.

  • One of the best things is that the nights become much more comfortable for sleeping but it also means that many of us wake up to a house that is very cold.

We go to sleep taking in the crisp night air and snuggling under blankets only to dread getting out of that same bed in the morning. I have to resist the urge to get up and close the windows to turn on the heat. My husband refuses to turn on the furnace until mid to late October. He says that we pay so much over the winter to heat our home that he wants to save money for as long as we can. This means that I must make the cold dash to the shower each morning and then put on layers just to enjoy my breakfast. It is funny to watch my husband on these mornings because he walks around, obviously cold but insisting that he isn’t, and I can tell that he is thinking that we should turn the heat on too. He will never do this on principle though. I have thought about looking into upgrading the HVAC system to a newer, more efficient one. This would save us a ton of money and maybe my husband would be more willing to turn on the heat to take the chill off when we have mornings like that anymore. It would be great to have the ability to enjoy my Fall mornings as much as I do in the evenings.

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