Shut the door

Our laundry room is always entirely hot.

There are no air conditioning vents in that room however there are vents that lead to the outside for the dryer.

This means that the laundry room is always about the same temperature as the outside air. This is not an important issue unless someone leaves the laundry room door open, you see, the control unit for Heating as well as A/C plan is right next to the laundry room. That means that if the laundry room is left open, the control unit feels the warm air as well as then it runs the air conditioning all of the time in an attempt to cool down. You would think that it would be a self-explanatory task of just keeping the laundry room door closed however over the past month, there have been more than 10 days where someone has failed to close the laundry room door as well as the air conditioning had made the rest of the apartment freezing cold. It has happened in the evening, when both of us are all asleep as well as both of us wake up to an entirely cold afternoon. It has also happened when both of us have left the apartment for school as well as work only to come apartment to a freezing house. I am not sure what to do. I do check as often as I can to see that the door is closed however the 1 time I don’t check is the afternoon someone left it open. I have thought of having a Heating as well as A/C supplier transfer the control unit however it is wired into the wall. I might also get a self closing hinge on the laundry room door so that it can’t be left open.
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