Thank god we got reimbursed

During an incredibly sizable Summer storm last year, our husband and I had a tree fall on the garage without warning.

When the tree fell on the garage, it smashed directly into the expensive Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit. It crushed the outdoor condenser device completely. We did not have any heat or A/C available for 4 weeks. My husband and I filed a claim with the local insurance corporation, but they took a long time to complete our request. In the meantime, of course, the two of us had to pay for all of the repairs to the AC on our own. My husband and I spent nearly $2,800 to substitute all of the damaged parts. We did not know for sure if the insurance company would eventually cover the cost of the parts. When the two of us finally acquired a massive check from the insurance corporation, the two of us were beyond gleeful to see that they paid for all of the expenses due to the damage of the fallen tree. They covered parts of our deck that were desperately cracked from the heavyweight of the tree trunk. They also paid for all of the damage to the crushed side of the garage. They paid to substitute our outdoor A/C unit. We did not realize which things would be covered and the two of us were definitely happily surprised to see a sizable check in the mail. The insurance company followed through and covered all of the charges that the two of us paid out already.

a/c rep