The aquarium requires excellent HVAC

Last week, I was cleaning my aquarium tank. I have 180 gallons of water in my living area and I need to keep it as clean as is humanly possible. We have a self-contained ecosystem that never needs to have food or added salt. There are soft and hard corals, small fish that feed off the corals, a couple hundred snails and crabs, plus a good amount of sea urchins and other bottom dwellers to keep the tank clean. I still need to clean the air filters and water filters, and keep the skimmers clean. There is a lot of humidity that comes off the tank, even if there are lids to keep it well contained. There are times when I need to add water to the tank because of the amount of evaporation. If I didn’t have a good dehumidifier in the house, it would be like tropical rainforest in our home. We have a really good air conditioning system that we had installed just because of the aquarium. We enjoy watching the tank at night, because there are many creatures that glow in the dark. It is always alive and it gives us a lot of comfort. I don’t think it would give us as much comfort if we didn’t have the HVAC system in our house. We also needed to have an energy efficient HVAC system, so we had to choose wisely. With the dehumidifier running all year round, and the heating or air conditioning the rest of the time, it can get quite pricey when it comes to the energy bill.
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