The Bike Shop And The Window A/C’s

There’s this bike shop that I go to quite a lot with my son.

My son is a bike freak, and he likes to do all kinds of bike riding and also to collect bikes.

I think it’s really cool this day in age that a teenager is interested in this sort of thing like I was when I was his age. This bike shop is really awesome. They sell bikes and also repair bikes. Another really good perk about this place is they have really great central air conditioning. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people that go in there just to hang out and enjoy the central air conditioning in the summer. Of course, they are all bike collectors or bike riders, but they just come in to feel that wonderful central commercial air conditioning system. The central commercial air conditioning system that they have is one of the best you could possibly get. I have actually talked to the owner of the shop about that commercial central air conditioning system. He mentioned that they invested about 7 thousand bucks into this commercial central air conditioning system in the shop. I was just thinking to myself…wow! That is a heck of a lot of money to be spending on central air conditioning systems! It made me wonder if they spent just as much on the central heating unit they have in there. Which, from what I understand, runs on a completely different line than the central air conditioning system. The central heating system they have is not a commercial HVAC system, but a regular one that just supplies heating.



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