The different climates in the United States and how the affects your heating and cooling situation.

We are very fortunate to live in a country where we have a lot of diversity when it comes to the weather.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the warm or cold, you are covered with a road trip or a plane ride away.

Some places even allow you to get to enjoy both, which is where I choose to live. Why pick one when you can enjoy it all, sometimes in the same day. If you are like me and my family you enjoy activities in all the seasons so we picked a place where we don’t have to travel so far to do it all. Living in the Great Lakes region sometimes we are blessed to feel like we need to use our air conditioning and heater all within a few hours. Which is why in my house we have to set rules of the thermostat. We don’t just run to turn the furnace on as soon as you can’t wear shorts anymore or crank up the air conditioning because it’s warm but you aren’t ready to pack away your favorite blanket. Too much up and down can cause for heating problems, broken furnaces and service calls to the heating repair companies. We also have an older house with crank out windows which means we were forced to purchase a portable heater and air conditioning unit or spend a large amount of extra money to fix the issues. Our HVAC system was never extended up to the addition so the heating/cooling system can’t push the air up. As long as we can be comfortable in our home that’s all that matters to us!

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