The Heating With The Bad Smell

I was thinking the other day about my great grandma.

  • She passed away almost 30 years ago, but I was remembering when I used to go visit her house as a kid.

She had a nice small house in the small part of town. It was really nice to tell you the truth. The only thing I really didn’t like about going to visit my great grandma was going in the cold winter months of the year. She had nice heating in her home. But, every time the heater turned on it would create this really nasty smell! The smell wouldn’t go away for about 15 minutes after it turned on. I don’t know what was wrong with it. And, being a kid at the time, knowing nothing about the workings of heating and air conditioning products, I could not suggest to her to call a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. I know her heating was coming from a furnace in the basement area. It was an electric furnace. Otherwise, had that been a gas furnace, I think it woulda killed everyone if that was where the smell was coming from! No one ever got sick, and funny enough, no one ever complained about the smell that the heating gave when it came on. Maybe because it went away so fast. I am just very sensitive to bad smells. Maybe that was the problem. I do miss my great grandma even to this day. She was a nice woman. But, that whole smelly heating situation remains a mystery to me to this very day!



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