The HVAC company owner knew I would take his business in the right direction

I truly believe that the love of money is the root of evil.

When people care only about getting a ton of money and as much of it as possible, they tend to do the worst things.

If I could help it, I was never going to be corrupted by money and evil like that. I wanted to have a stable career, but I wasn’t going to be greedy and put making money over the important things in life. I actually worked hard in school and eventually I went to a trade school to get my HVAC certification. I did this because I enjoyed working on heating and cooling systems, and I figured it would be great to help people out with this sort of thing for a living. I also eventually wanted to start my own business, not for making a huge amount of money, but so I could help people out even more in my life. I made a lot of fantastic friends at the HVAC company I was working for and I developed a pretty solid reputation. Probably the best thing was that I had the respect of the boss. We became friends and he actually appreciated hearing my point of view on various topics. I was even able to talk him into starting a program where we did services for a discount rate for those people who genuinely could not afford the costs. The boss told me I would be a fine business owner eventually. I was really surprised when one day he asked me to take ownership of his company. He said I always was a modest man and he knew that I would take the company in the right direction.


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