The HVAC technician with a heart of gold

My old heating and air conditioning company was a bunch of low-lives, it seems.

I used to trust those guys to come into my home, handle the repair orders I set out for them, and anticipate their completion of those orders by the end of the day.

After a year of service, these guys started taking days to perform jobs that usually took a single morning. The final straw was when a family heirloom went missing from my bedroom, and the HVAC technicians refused to admit that any of their guys took it! I figured it was a lost cause to force them to hand it over, so I simply ceased all business with them. The new company I’ve been working with has been a wonderful change of pace, as their technicians are very talented and kind-hearted people. One of them is a man named Jason, who really proved to be a wonderful person on top of being a wonderful HVAC repair technician. See, Jason worked on a job with one other HVAC repair company, and during that job he overheard some of the technicians bragging about the stuff they took from a customer’s house. When they mentioned my family heirloom – the one I talked about for days when Jason first met me – he offered to buy it from them, just to return it to me. Have you ever heard of such kindness? I was more than happy to compensate him for tracking down such a priceless heirloom, and I have been regularly relying on their services ever since.


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