The Loud Thermostat

I don’t know if anyone else out there has had this same issue, but my thermostat when it turns on always makes this really loud click noise that makes you jump out of your skin! I don’t know if it is the way this particular thermostat is, or, if there is something starting to go wrong with my thermostat, but the loud click it makes can really jolt you! I remember one time I was really tired and taking a nap on my couch.

The thermostat turned on and it woke me up! I nearly had a heart attack it was so loud! I decided to look on some websites on the internet to see if I could find more information on thermostats that make a loud click sound when they turn on. I could not find anything talking about it, so I thought maybe it was time that I made that phone call to my local heating and air conditioning company. I did just that. When I called the local heating and air conditioning company, the person I talked to told me that a lot of thermostats make a click noise when they turn on, and if the click was really loud, there was something they could do to make the click lighter sounding. I was very interested in that. So, I scheduled the HVAC appointment for the heating and air conditioning specialist to come out and have a look at my loud thermostat. I really hope they can fix it and stop this loud noise.



HVAC professional