The Old House Got a New Ductless Heating and Cooling Unit

Holy smokes, did the both of us ever totally luck out.

The people I was with and I just were able to purchase this amazing old house.

The selling price was so low that both of us had to take a shot at it and they accepted our offer. I think the owners were just cheerful to be able to have any interest at all in this property. At 1st glance, it is basically unliveable. There will be a bunch of money spent to get the entire site into better shape so both of us can move in. But, both of us knew this and factored all that in to our initial offer. Everything basically has to go from the HVAC to all the appliances. The living room really needs a total redesign along with up-to-date cabinets. All the carpeting has to come out along with the ugly linoleum in the living room. The people I was with and I had genuinely studied the site to get a certainly good method what it would take in renovation costs to make this condo into a home. However, there is nothing wrong at all with the structure itself. The site is a singular kind. Originally built in the late 1940’s, the home was the pet project for a very famous architect. It has so much character and the lines of the condo are pristine. However, the original designs of the condo precluded any central air HVAC because there is no air duct. The heating comes from a large boiler in the basement and the HVAC cooling was done without or they had some extra window units. Either way, both of us had to have some sort of HVAC that could easily blend with the house. After consulting an HVAC corporation, both of us made the decision to get ductless heating and cooling units.


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