The time when I hit rock bottom

You don’t really know how good you have life until you hit rock bottom.

This happened to me when I dropped out of school.

My parents were disappointed and ended up kicking me out of their place. I tried to get a job and a place to stay but nothing worked out. I ended up sleeping in my car and I had no place to go, I was homeless. It was difficult not being able to enjoy the heating and cooling system at my parents’ home. I was stuck in my car practically freezing to death and I couldn’t use the heating system because I couldn’t waste my precious gas. Eventually I went back to my parents and they felt bad for me, so they let me in. I was able to get a job and eventually I was able to save enough money to go back to school. This time I went to a trade school and earned my HVAC certification. When I finally was working as an HVAC professional, I was making a great deal of money. It didn’t take too long after that when I was able to easily afford a place of my own. I was no longer homeless thanks to my parents taking me back in for that brief period of time. To all those who think life is easy, I suggest you think about what you really want to accomplish in life. Life is not easy when you find yourself on your own and you need to figure everything out. If you have a good plan in life though, going to college and getting a good career, you should be fine.
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