The Uber Driver And the Bad A/C

Not being able to drive, you have to take either a taxi or an uber in order to get around to do basic tasks.

Me, I use uber because it’s cheaper and also, you sometimes meet some really cool people that you normally would not meet on a daily basis.

The last time I called uber I had this really awesome driver. But, his car was not so great. The air conditioning in the car was not working right. He himself warned me about the air conditioning before I got in, and offered to give the call to someone else if I was not cool with riding in a car with no air conditioning in it. I was ok with it, because it was just going to be a short trip to the grocery store and back. And I knew once I got to the grocery store, I would be in quality air conditioning. The uber driver appreciated that as he needed the money and gig. He told me most people that day were rejecting his services because of the fact of him having no working air conditioning in the car. I have to admit, if this guy didn’t seem really awesome, I probably would not have hopped in his car either. Cause normally, I can not live without my air conditioning! Air conditioning is something I need to keep going in the summer, especially when having to ride in a car. But, because I sort of felt bad for the guy, I decided to just deal without air conditioning for that short 5 or 10 minute ride that I was going to be taking to the grocery store.


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