There are some rapid changes happening

My father and me were discussing the latest and greatest things in the heating and cooling industry.  This was when my pop signaled to me that my grandfather was listening. My grandpa was the owner of a local HVAC company.  He had the notion that girls should be in the home, not working out of it. The longer he was listening, the longer I hoped he would change his opinion and beginning talking to me.  I slowly pulled out the chair by the table while dad and I continued to talk. I then asked him to come and sit down. He made her way over and sat down, although she angled as well as moved away from me.  Dad and I were discussing the latest technology and the new ways of automating Heating and A/C in corporation and soon in homes. My Grandfather made some noises and grunting when he turned to me. He demanded to know why I wanted to be a Heating and A/C repair person in the HVAC industry and not be glad to be a partner, wife and mother.  I smiled nicely when I spoke, however I told him I was not a Heating and A/C repair person. I told him I was a Heating and A/C designer and I was going to take over her Heating and A/C corporation when he decided it was time to give it up. He went and snorted with a bit of derision and she shook her head. “Not over my dead body.” He laughed after she said it. At this point I thought it was all going to be ok in the end with being in the HVAC business.

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