There is good in the world afterall, if you look closely

There really is too much hate in the world these days if you ask me.

Religious folks might say that we should be loving one another, not hating each other! Sometimes I feel like I’m losing faith in humanity, and I can’t blame myself for that.

But, I see the good in the world sometimes, and it’s enough to keep me going. It wasn’t very long ago when I was helping out the local homeless shelter, collecting donations to the shelter for everyone inside. I was happy to see people were donating all kinds of warm clothes, portable heating systems, and even little cooling systems for when the weather was unbearable. When I learned that the local homeless shelter had a problem with the HVAC system, I knew that money would have to be raised so that it could be repaired! I had a talk with the local HVAC company about it, and these people were really nice! They informed me that they actually had a program in place to help those who were not able to easily afford HVAC system repairs, or their regular maintenance. When they told me how much the HVAC repair would cost, I was amazed at the sheer price of it! We had raised enough money to cover the cost, and I was able to make the arrangements then and there. Finally, they could have the HVAC system repaired at the homeless shelter before the winter months! They were happy to be of service, and they were especially thrilled when we brought the good news to the local people at the shelter! Everybody had their minds put at peace at last, as soon as they heard they were not going to freeze in the winter season thanks to the kindness and generosity of this local HVAC company.

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