These kids are screwed

Three long weeks in a row, stores in the east side shopping mall were significantly vandalized.

  • It started with a barber shop.

Multiple masked people can be seen on camera entering the barbershop. A lot of expensive things were ruined in the process. They broke three barber shop chairs and all of the fancy mirrors inside the business. The culprits stole a brand new kindle and register and a few hand boomboxes. About four mornings later, another shop located in the same mall was vandalized. After the third break-in, the two of us suddenly decided to set up a police sting in the area. We left someone sitting patiently in the area every single night for more than one weeks. On the last day of our massive stakeout, the two of us got lucky. Three people broke directly into the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supply shop on the corner, which was a bold move. We caught them clearly trying to open the lock from outdoors. Once they were inside of the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supply shop in question, the two of us moved in to keep them from getting away. We trapped the perpetrators and waited for them to give up. When the culprits went to leave the HVAC store, the two of us hastily realized that the three vandals were simply middle school youngsters. These three felons under the age of 14 caused a lot of trouble for the HVAC store. There was a lot of damage to ACs and furnaces, and the three youngsters were held responsible. Those three youngsters will be in major trouble with the law.


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