They actually had cartoons with A/C machines falling on people’s heads

When I think back to my youth, I remember all the violent cartoons we would watch. You would see critters dropping anvils on people’s heads and all kinds of crazy stuff. I even remember seeing somebody dropping an air conditioner out of a 7 story apartment building and landing on some guy’s poor head. Of course, they only come out of the situation with a huge lump on their head, like having an A/C machine dropping on your head wouldn’t kill you or something. That was pretty much the way of it when it came to the cartoon shows that we would watch. It truly is no wonder that all of that increased the appetite for violence. Now we have incredibly violent video games and movies. While I don’t see anybody dropping actual HVAC units on people’s heads anymore, I see a lot of gunfights, blood, and too much violence. I guess we are too far gone with things like this and we will continue to see this as long as people want to see that type of thing. I try to protect the children and make sure the shows they watch aren’t too violent, but it’s getting pretty close to impossible these days. Instead of having them watch so much TV and movies, I will have them focus on chores like cleaning up their room and changing out the air filter for the HVAC system. That way they are able to think about being responsible human beings and not thinking about trying to kill other people with guns and knives.


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