Trying to Trade a Furnace for a good Heat Pump

Well, finally I finished the race.

The final lap has taken site and now I am off to the showers.

This race had been going for over sixty years and I have finally hit the tape. The race I am referring to is the endurance run of sixty one straight winters all in a row. And believe me, I’m not talking about those wimpy southern winters. I lived my entire life in the far north where the Winter lasts for at least half of the year. The HVAC is going week after week after week just in order for a body to not freeze solid. These winters are not for the faint of heart. But, that is all behind me now. I have taken up my residence far south of my home land. I could not be happier. While I miss some folks and all the regional customs that I grew up with, I am far more comfortable in the sunshine. It feels so nice to be able to lift my face to the sun throughout the year. This straight-forward act genuinely does my body good. Not to mention that I no longer have to count on my HVAC oil furnace to keep me safe and alive while in the winter. The Winter here is nothing compared to what I lived through for all those years ago. Now, I have a heat pump that both heats my home and cooling it. While the Summer months get really, genuinely hot, they only lasts about 3 weeks or so. Then, the weather is just perfect for the rest of the year. I can make those trade offs actually for the rest of my life.

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