Untimely breakdown cost me a job

Searching for a new job has to be one of the most depressing things I have had to do.

I was struggling at a dead end job for years and seemed to get nowhere.

I had no advancement opportunities, rarely got a raise and my boss was a total jerk. I made the decision to quit and put myself out there in the job market hoping that I would find the perfect new career. Now, I have been searching for nearly three months and my resources are getting low. The other day I was looking forward to an interview and planned my day down to the last detail. My clothes were pressed and ready, I went to bed early so I would be well rested and I had streamlined my resume to fit the job I was applying for. I went to sleep feeling confident but awoke in a panic the next morning. I panicked because I woke up to a freezing cold house and knew right away that my HVAC system had broken. With outside temperatures in the low thirties I didn’t have a choice but to contact an HVAC dealer to have it repaired. My interview was scheduled for nine o’clock and I knew right then that I would not make it. The technician would not arrive for at least two hours and I had no choice but to wait for that. I contacted the office where I had the interview and they were kind but told me that they had many people lined up that day. They said that they would contact me if none of them worked out but they didn’t want me to get my hopes up on that.


Air conditioning workman