Using a weather station to prove a point

Like many couples, my husband and I don’t always agree on things.

Thankfully there are more things we agree on than disagree.

When I think back on the many things that have come between us, many of them are centered around our home. We bought an older home and have been working on fixing it up for nearly twenty years. It just never seems like we will be done. Making those changes has caused a lot of stress on our relationship. When it came to the climate control in our house we really disagreed. My husband didn’t want to install any sort of air conditioning and I was always miserable during the summer because I was too hot. My husband said I was exaggerating so I went to the hardware store and bought one of those portable weather stations. It measures the temperature along with the humidity levels and once he saw its reading he finally saw what I was talking about. I guess he believed that silly device more than he own wife. Oh well, I got my way and he finally agreed to at least purchase a couple of portable units to keep our bedroom and living room cool. I will have to keep working on the fact that I really want a whole house AC system put in but at least I can get some relief during the summer. The next major hurdle that I have to kcon is the fact that I would like the driveway to be paved instead of stone so I don’t have to battle the weeds anymore. One project at a time and eventually maybe we will be done.


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