After a 10-day vacation up north in the cold I was ready to get back home down south to the heat and my nice air conditioned house. Boy was I surprised when I walked into my house and it was nice the ice cold home I left 10 days earlier. It was very hot and I knew it was definitely in need of repair. I had no clue what was wrong with it but immediately got on the phone and called my heating and cooling specialist who were more than happy to help me. They had me check out a couple of things with my system while I was on the phone with them so maybe we could troubleshoot what was wrong and I could fix it myself. Well that wasn’t the case. We got off the phone and within an hour a service technician was at my door to see what he could do to repair my problem. It was a job for more than one person so the next day he came to my house with a crew of three more guys. They had to change my air filters and do some minor A/C repair. They got the heating part of it fixed but there was still a problem with the cooling part of it. It didn’t take them long to realize what the problem was and within 20 minutes or so my house was cooling down again.


Air conditioning workman