Want to have heated floors in your home.

Ever since I was younger I have never wanted shoes on.

Running around barefoot in the summer and kicking off my boot the second I got home in the winter.

Fast forward to when the time came to buy a new home, my husband and I opted to find a house that in our desired area that needed some work so that we could make it perfect for us in time. As we started to do the planning we talked about ways to remodel that would give back. This gave me an opportunity to have something that I’ve always dreamed of having, heated floors! We did all the research and lucky for us we have a friend who owns an HVAC service and was able to help. He sent out a technician to help decide the best fit for us. It was so fascinating to watch the process as they laid down all the coils for the radiant heating. The house had an older furnace and we were worried about having to replace it sooner than we wanted or having to spend time and energy on constant HVAC maintenance to keep it running. The heated floors allowed us to keep the thermostat lower and get an extra year or two out of the furnace. There is something to say about being able to walk around the house comfortably barefoot in the middle of winter. Not to mention the energy efficiency of our new heating to help keep down the bills. This was certainly a heating decision that I will never regret.

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