We had a new detector that wasn’t for smoke

Our furnace is getting older and my husband has had some concerns with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Since I have lung disease, he is always trying to find new ways to keep our indoor air fresh and clean. He said the last thing he wanted was for carbon monoxide to build in the house. He went out and bought a new carbon monoxide detector and put one in the basement and one upstairs. He said he had us covered for smoke and fire, and he wanted to protect us from the furnace and carbon monoxide. I was wondering what the furnace had to do with carbon monoxide. We had a boiler and not a gas furnace which I thought was the only type of furnace that could create carbon monoxide. He told me that whenever you have combustible material, there is the chance for carbon monoxide poisoning. We had to have oil to give us the flame that would heat the water in the boiler. Oil is a combustible material that creates flame which means it is a creator of carbon monoxide. I couldn’t believe how naive I was about our boiler. For thirty years I thought we were free of the worry of carbon monoxide because we didn’t have a furnace. I never realized that all because it wasn’t a ‘furnace’, but a boiler, we weren’t out of danger. I’m glad we have our new carbon monoxide detector. It’s not like I haven’t slept well in the past, but since hearing about our heating system and its tie to carbon monoxide, I will definitely sleep better now.