We need to use better HVAC systems and cars that don’t create pollution, so we can take care of the Earth!

Being the voice of doomsday can get old, but look: I do feel that we’re not going the right direction for the most part. Not enough people are going green! We need to be focusing on more natural energy use, and not polluting the environment with our toxic waste. Every single year, we see more gas guzzling cars on the road. Now it’s at least a good thing that people are buying hybrids that use less gas, but they still burn fuel! When they still put out pollution, what’s the point of using a hybrid? All those cars on the roads everyday makeup for most of the pollution going into our skies anyway. What is to come of this if we don’t do something to change our path to certain environmental doom? We can start focusing on electric cars, as well as hydrogen cars, as they have zero emissions. We can also focus on HVAC systems that don’t pollute the environment! There are many types of good heating and cooling systems to use, like geothermal HVAC systems which are the best type of HVAC to have for your heating and cooling needs. A boiler system is better than a lot of traditional convection or fuel-burning HVAC systems! With all this pollution we are dealing with, it seems that the world is reacting – and definitely not in a good way. The weather conditioners are becoming worse and more threatening! It’s almost like mother nature is trying to get rid of us for polluting the world, and I can’t really blame her!

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