We Stay Where the HVAC is Awesome and the Breakfast is Free

We are for sure not the Norman Rockwell model of a family.

I think when I was a kid it was called the nuclear family.

Dad gainfully employed so Mom could stay home to take care of house and children. Nope, our family has two working parents while the children all have fur and paws. There isn’t a whole lot of relaxing with a cocktail in the HVAC comfort of the home as Dean Martin plays in the background. We are a busy bunch. My wife and I work very hard but we play hard as well. The two of us often just load up the car and hit the road for a bit of adventure. We have an awesome schedule which allows us to get away at least once a month for 4 or 5 days. We pretty much pass on the hassles of air travel. Between the deplorable HVAC and the stress of flying, we simply prefer to ride the roads to get to our next bit of fun. The other thing we cut out from our travels is staying at those downtown hotels. First, they are really expensive and there are so many hidden charges. However, the chief reason we pass on those lodgings is HVAC again. I simply hate paying so much money not to be comfortable in my room. These type of hotels seem to always have the very worst, most underwhelming HVAC systems ever. Instead, we stay where they feed us free breakfast and have those big wall unit heating and cooling systems. Plus, these hotels are much more amenable to our dogs so, they get to go with us!

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