We’re never going to trust these people

When our wifey and I made arrangements to go on a little trip, the two of us were going to leave the house with the adolescents… All of us told them to not have any parties and to keep the house scrub and in fantastic condition.

All of us left all the emergency numbers and contacts for them to call if there were any complications.

All of us called them every single day while the two of us were gone and things seemed to be going just fine. My wifey kept saying how much she missed the adolescents, and so the two of us decided to come home a day early to surprise them. When the two of us got back to the house, there were a ton of people at the house. They were easily having a pressing gathering! I stormed inside the household and everybody started running out of the house. When I seen that our thermostat was on the floor broken, I was so mad, I yelled at everybody who didn’t already leave to get out! The gathering was over! I told the adolescents they were in immense trouble because they not only broke the rules however they broke our thermostat! I came to learn that there was something wrong with the Heating and A/C system and they were messing with the thermostat and ended up knocking it off the wall and splitting it, however so not only was the thermostat broken however the system was malfunctioning. They didn’t call us because they were too tied up having a gathering! I made the adolescents pay for the thermostat, although I paid for the Heating and A/C system repairs. We’re never going to trust them to take care of the house again after this ordeal.


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