Won’t Do Pro Flower Jobs Unless HVAC situation works

I have been into flowers since I was a little child! It began with the flowers on the lawn that I would present for our mom.

They might have been just weeds however I would add various shrubbery or leaves leaves and arrange everything so that it looked nice.

Then I would put them in an antique vase or something and present them to our appreciative mom. I have come a long way from weeds to now arranging the flowers for weddings, funerals, as well as other events. I enjoy going to the various arenas. I love it even better when I am comfortable, and hot summer time weddings and parties are the worst if they have bad A/C. It is really hard to work well if I am roasting because of the heat. Then there are the flowers that don’t like summer heat either! Without good A/C the flowers will wilt and look terrible in no time flat. I just hate it when a patron leaves me bad reviews because the flowers ‘looked old and lifeless”, because it is not my fault that the patron refused to pay extra for A/C so all of their flowers look dead before the event is over! I don’t want wilted flowers either. It has gotten to the point now that I am going to start insisting that there “must be A/C” in all of our contracts. There is no reason that our art should suffer just because our clients can not want spring for a little bit extra for proper A/C in their venue. There is also no reason why I should suffer myself from lack of A/C either

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