Worst part of summer

For me, The worst space of the summertime around here is that nasty humidity.

The heat levels on their own wouldn’t be so bad, but coupled with eighty plus percent humidity, and that’s when things become pretty miserable when you are separate from a/c.

Lately, all of us seem to be getting the utter worst of the worst as far as hot weather goes. Hot plus humid all at the same time, plus I still don’t have central air conditioning put in our house. I had a window a/c unit once upon a time, but early last year it died on me plus I have yet to replace it. I should have kept better track of the weather so that I knew a heat wave was coming plus I could have been prepared. Or what would be even better, I should have just replaced our aged a/c unit before the start of the long summertime when the prices were still low. It’s too late now to change any of that, but at this stage I am trapped either suffering through the warm weather or going to buy some overpriced air conditioning unit. I’m thinking I might wait awhile to buy the new a/c unit instead, just so that I can get 1 at a more adequate price. However, I am going to be dealing with some truly intensely warm days ahead before that happens. The prospect is grim either way. I can’t justify spending those five hundred dollars more than normal to buy an a/c simply because, with the weather as it is at the moment, everyone is buying them. On the other hand, if I follow that line of reasoning plus don’t buy an a/c unit now, I’ll be waiting several weeks before the prices fall back down. Basically, the hottest space of the summertime will be over then, plus I’ll have my air conditioning unit for next year, but this summertime will still be brutal.


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